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Messi better than Ronaldo but Neymar will best them both, says Ronaldinho

The Selecao legend is certain that the Argentine magician is currently the world's finest player, but believes his countryman will one day reach an even higher level.

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jak3y13oy3701d ago

Only time will tell.. stop making his ego bigger than it is...

KingPin3700d ago

to me messi and ronaldo are both the best players on the planet. just how the universe needs balance, you cant have one without the other.

as for neymar, lets wait till the 2014 world cup coz lets face it, he wont be moving to Europe before that.

ozzywazzy3700d ago

Neymar the most overhyped player.. ever. Has proven absolutely a f***'s worth. Talented? Obviously, but to even breathe his name under the likes of messi and ronaldo whom are proven footballers.. insulting.

Thefreeman0123700d ago

This kid is being praised so much he's bound to fail in another league. False hope.

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