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Federer: Messi shows nice guys can win

Roger Federer has said that Lionel Messi's success is proof that 'nice guys' do not always finish last.

The world number two tennis player believes that both his and the Barcelona star's respective accolades means that it is not always necessary to be disliked in order to succeed.

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karim3704d ago

Roger first showed that!

PaPa-Slam3701d ago

Well said.

Both are easily one of the finest roll models, in recent times.

Corepred43702d ago

Didn't this guy kick the ball at fans and "punch" a guy in the back? Lol nice guy otherwise I guess.

rDrkja3702d ago

Shows he is also human who gets frustrated and angry like the rest of us... otherwise nice guy.

PaPa-Slam3701d ago

Mistakes were made, the important thing is that he learned from it.

I hope he did.