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Ronaldo and Casillas named in strong Real Madrid squad for Copa del Rey clash

Goal - Jose Mourinho has chosen a virtually full-strength group for the second-leg match with Celta Vigo, although Fabio Coentrao remains absent through injury.

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krazykombatant3728d ago

Fabio won't be playing anytime soon not after being caught smoking and serves him right.

Corepred43728d ago

Serves him right for smoking? Why is him smoking wrong?

krazykombatant3728d ago

Ummm they're football players, last I checked you should be working in being in top shape and not harming your body with things like smoking. Messi did it a few years back and I'm pretty sure he got in trouble as well.

You're being payed shit ton of cash to stay and shape and play hard you can hardly do that if you're smoking now can't you?

Corepred43727d ago

Maybe, but they way you come off you make it seem like Fabio kicked your mom in the gut or something.