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14-Year-Old San Jose Fan Dies After Being Hit In The Eye By Flare

A 14-year-old San Jose fan was killed during last night’s Copa Libertadores match against Corinthians at the Estadio Jesus Bermudez in Bolivia after being hit by a flare reportedly thrown into the home fans from the Corinthians section.

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karim3371d ago

Wow, someone goes to watch his team and never returns home, tragic and the authorities need to act now.

Dungus3369d ago

Horrible news. Hopefully they'll ban flares now. They bring nothing to football.

ps3_pwns3369d ago

who throws flares honestly? why cant they bring normal stuff like big hand mit, little team flags and such. bringing flares, or loud noise honkers and stuff like that is dumb. you gonna make someone go deaf or something.

MestreRothN4G3369d ago

Those were ship flares, which travel up to 400 meters inside a shell. Really works (and worked) as a weapon.

Corinthians' crowd is famous for their criminal/marginal behavior and it is not the first time it happens with them.

Sadly it will happen again because they are proud of being such assholes. Not saying that the other crowds don't have their idiot members as well, but this club definitely is one of the worst.

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