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How the Special One triumphed over the Tactically Ordinary One at Old Trafford

The epic scale of Sir Alex Ferguson’s managerial success is often spelt out in bare numbers.

In 38 years he’s won 35 major honours including 15 English and Scottish League titles, and four European trophies.

But as he sat in the bowels of Old Trafford on Tuesday night, distraught after that shattering defeat, one number will have been pounding away inside his skull: Two.

That’s the number of times he’s managed to defeat Jose Mourinho in 16 attempts.

It’s also the number of European Cups he’s won, despite 20 years of trying, at one of the world’s biggest clubs in an era when English football has never been richer.

And it’s still one less than Bob Paisley.

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Sahil3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

"Whereas Mourinho looked like a gem-thief in a jewellers’ shop, immediately replacing his right-back with Luka Modric to exploit the new-found space in midfield, Fergie looked like a punch-drunk bar-room brawler.

He staggered around, arms waving, seeking answers from the fourth official and urging the fans to bawl them over the line when he should have been clinically analysing how to counter ­Mourinho. It was like staring at Ally McLeod in Argentina."

Hahaha, Brilliant Article.

asmith23063361d ago

Yeah the red was harsh but conceding two so quickly was due to being tactically inept. They could have held out.

buddymagoo3360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

Everyone talks about us holding out but we are not that type of a team. We play to attack.

Unlike Chelsea who trained to hold out in the first leg against Barca, they were also trained to hold out in the second.

They had prepared unlike ourselves who were not expecting to have to hold out so we were caught out.

How much has Mourinho spent over the years to win only the same amount of trophies as Sir Alex. People forget how much of huge budget he has when building teams.

If people can't respect what Sir alex has done in the modern game then they are clueless football fans, it's that simple.

Corepred43360d ago

Nice, fun find. Too bad everyone is going to hate it. And by everyone, I mean United fans.

fifa-man3360d ago

Buddymango don't bring the Cfc into this they know how to score and hold a lead and you call man u a attacking team but none of there goals came during open play like attacking teams do they scored a set piece header and real scored an own goal. All three of real goals were from open play. Man u was in the lead and with 10 men couldn't handle the Spanish side unlike the Cfc in camp nou.

asmith23063360d ago

Well said. Utd fans will blame anything but their teams frailties.

buddymagoo3360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

Real are 13 points off the title and Chelsea are 19 (lol) behind us. We had one bad day so what. Real won't win the Champions League Bayern are too strong like last year.

I'm happy with how my team performed. I just think these kind of articles give fuel to bitter fans who like any excuse to have a pop at United. We lost because of a red card not because we got demolished.

Even Mourinho, Alonso and Ronaldo said United were the better side with 11 men. But we'll never know. I hope the Madrid fans can take pride in beating 10 men I know I wouldn't.

krazykombatant3360d ago

Hahaha you say mou has a large bank backing wherever he goes true enough, but last I checked ManU isn't some poor team.