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Totti: Only Messi is better than me

The veteran forward sees himself as one of the best ever, while he believes Mario Balotelli is not a phenomenon just yet

Roma legend Francesco Totti says only Barcelona star Lionel Messi is a better than him in world football.

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KingPin3342d ago

lolz old age is catching up to him.
he's starting to say crazy things.

i thought we all agreed that this generation has been about 2 players. one being messi, the other not being this tool.

Sahil3342d ago

Francesco Totti? A Tool? Francesco Freakin Totti?

Kingpin go home, you're drunk.

Yi-Long3342d ago

... but IT'S THE SERIE A!

He has never proven himself in a proper competition.

He's a good player, and perhaps one of the best in that league, but he's nowhere near the quality of Messi or C. Ronaldo or a whole bunch of other great players.

KingPin3342d ago

sahil, that comment was classic.

i dont know who disagreed with you but that made me laugh.

but yeah, i think messi isn't the only player better than him.