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Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend Irina Shayk refuses to cut a Lionel Messi shirt

Irina was approached on the red carpet by a Greek reporter asking her to cut into pieces Lionel Messi’s No.10 Barcelona jersey.

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Diffraction_Fos4051d ago

What an a-hole reporter. Maybe they should cut him to pieces instead.

Ike204051d ago

In pieces? Dude, cool down... The reporter just wanted to trick Irina into making the headlines, I presume.

Diffraction_Fos4050d ago

....thus making him an a-hole. What part didn't you get?

KwietStorm_BLM4050d ago

You think he literally meant to cut the man into pieces?

KingPin4051d ago

woooo Ronaldos GF doesn't wanna disrespect Messi. this is news? I haven't seen anywhere where Ronaldo himself disrespected messi so i don't see why his GF should.

Respect to her.

that idiot of a reporter shouldnt report any sports news ever again.

Ike204051d ago

That's smart from Irina. The reporter definitely is not intelligent.

GamersRulz4050d ago

Irina Shayk respect +10000

Ike204050d ago

You said it as it is, GamersRulz... Irina did very well there. That's a fact, whether you're a Ronaldo or Messi fan.

You think the reporter was paid to make this awful publicity stunt on Irina?

level 3604050d ago

A-hole reporter - A-class babe

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