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Who has performed better in the Clasico - Ronaldo or Messi? Both men have scored 12 times in the famous fixture since 2009, but which of the world's two top players has had the edge in their meetings over the past five seasons?

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Spiewie 3176d ago

Messi may have better overall stats but Ronaldo will out play him today.

asmith23063176d ago

I guess you can take that back now lol!

Zefros3175d ago

messi was better in this game.In my opinion Messi and ronaldo are equals overall, they play both great.

Yaay4me3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

I don't think either one did much. the messi goal was out of happenstance to some degrees. the pass (if it was him) for the first goal though, would put him above Ronaldo for this game. Although it should be noted that Messi and the crew had a whole week of rest and played a bottom of table team the week before. Ronaldo had 4 days rest before El Classico. Just to be fair.