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Real Madrid v Barcelona: Cristiano Ronaldo criticises Clasico referee

Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo says "unbelievable decisions" cost them in the 4-3 home defeat by Barcelona.

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asmith23063106d ago

Hardly unbelievable decisions. Sometimes you get them, sometimes you don't.

Nes_Daze3105d ago

The ref didn't cost them that game, and I think it's really pathetic to even say that instead of just accepting defeat. Leave the moaning and whining to the fans, what type of message do you give your fans when you moan and whine about the ref's decisions instead of stating what your team did wrong? How about the fact that Xabi was a complete foul on his tackle on Iniesta? Madrid's entire backline giving Iniesta a clear opening to the net? Other than Di Maria, no other midfielder pushed the way he did.

People just can't accept defeat, hell Barca got crap from the two City games and Barca actually had 2-3 calls against them that could've been goals, not to mention City choked completely.

Scrivlar3103d ago

Sorry but that's bullshit, Neymar was offside and barely touched to win the penalty and even that was bearable, but as soon as the red card was shown the game was over for madrid, add to that the penalty that should've been given for Bale, the fact ronaldo was outside of the box, how soft the alonso penalty was, the referee had a nightmare.

Nes_Daze3103d ago

The distance that Neymar was actually offsides is closer than the distance Ronaldo was to the line on his "penalty". The action was fast and the linesman didn't see it, Ramos dragged his foot to make contact with Neymar just like Alves did with Ronaldo. Both defenders knew they had lost their mark and made a risky, slick foul. Ramos was the last man, foul = red card. And what Bale penalty? Xabi Alonso's foul was not soft. He built a wall and fouled Iniesta with both legs, clear penalty, it would be a penalty in almost any match.

Ronaldo should be happy he didn't get a yellow card for diving inside the box. The ref was strict, the only nightmare is the whining madrid fans..

S2Killinit3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Im sorry but I really disagree with you there. This was a CLASSICO. The ref should not have made decisive decisions that pretty much dictated the result of the game. It was an amazing game up until the point when he gave an unnecessary red card. Even in a less intense game the red card would have been uncalled for. I actually thought that Ramos already had a yellow and was red carded because the ref game him another yellow. (even that would have been too harsh). the penalty, which I really can't say one way or the other about, would have been enough punishment. The referees on the sidelines, closer to the incident, didn't give the penalty, the main ref who was further away from what happened comes in with a STRAIGHT red card! After that point the game was boring, and Real's fate was stamped. Also you sound like Real had done a worst job than Barca. I think anyone without bias would tell you that Real was the better team up until the red card. (not to take anything away from Barca)
Also, the last penalty, mmmmm the ball was already gone, there was no chance Iniesta was getting to it before the goal, Alonso hit the ball first even though it passed him between his legs, and the contact…well, it wasn't really a foul. I just felt like the ref sort of took the game away from the players and decided the game by himself. ( I mean come on, two penalties and a red card? what team could beat a giant like Barcelona with calls like that? ) Not to say that the penalty given to Real was fair either, it was clearly outside the box (but then again, they didn't call the clear hand ball inside the box when Ronaldo's free kick hit two peoples hand) But I really feel had the ref not called the first penalty for Real, and not given the red card, and not called the last penalty for barca, Real would have won the game.

Nes_Daze3103d ago

So you would have the ref ignore some basic rules for the sake of the game? You do know that favors Madrid since they are the much more physical team? The same people whining about the clear penalties on Iniesta and Neymar are the same people that Ronaldo deserved a pk for Masherano's contact in the first classico of this season.

Real was more playing more intensely/faster, that doesn't mean they were playing better. First half, Barca scores once, Madrid scores twice, and then Messi scores. That's what I saw, I saw two evenly matches teams in the first half.

The last penalty the ball wasn't gone, Iniesta was dribbling with the ball, again, Xabi built a wall, it wasn't really a foul? But you think that the ball hitting Pique in the hand when he had it tucked to him, not to mention there is no way in hell that ball would've passed that wall, is a penalty?

Clearly we have different definitions of a foul in football, the ref was strict, and Madrid paid their price, and as always, the fans are complaining..

S2Killinit3103d ago

there would be no rules ignored if the ref refrained from giving a red card. You are right about Madrid being the more physical team, but you assume that not to be strict is somehow unfair. Physical toughness is just as much a part of the game as technique. (we don't really know who is "whining" now do we? so lets not assume things) The "clear" penalties you speak of, happen all the time and often no penalty is given for them. I urge you to watch the Iniesta penalty. The ball was moving toward the goalie who would have gotten to the ball faster than Iniesta no matter what. As I already said, the ball also hit Alonso's foot before Alonso collided with Iniesta. I'm just reporting what I saw. As for the hand balls, I'm not going to argue since I don't know where it would have went to had it not made contact wight the first hand ball.
All and all what I am saying is that the strict penalty calling and a red card took the game out of the players hands and placed the ref at the center of the game. That, should not happen in a Classico, or a World Cup final, or a Champions League final. The penalty was enough, the red card was uncalled for.

Scrivlar3102d ago


Seems I can't have an opinion different to your's without being a Whining Madrid fan. I wasn't even remotely complaining about the result of the game I was talking about the referee's performance during the game which is what this article is about. And I thought he was poor.