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Which Clasico superstar would be missed more – Ronaldo or Messi?

Goal - With the Portuguese set to skip Wednesday's Copa del Rey final, we ask if the Ballon d'Or holder is more important to Los Blancos than his Argentine rival is to Barcelona

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KingPin3092d ago

they are both equally important.

ronaldo always gives madrid that extra threat which they always need against barca. i mean he scored in what 7 classicos in a row or something like that...just shows how he gives them the extra edge.

messi on the other hand is the heart of barca. the entire team was built specifically to get the max out of messi. which has been working wonders since 2009 till now. we seen barca without messi and they just arent the same at all.

asmith23063092d ago

"we seen barca without messi and they just arent the same at all." - therefore Messi would be missed more.

KingPin3091d ago

take away all ronaldos goals from the classicos and see what the score would be like. madrid need cr7 goals just as much.

KingPin3091d ago

dont know what happened to the rest of my comment.

but as i was saying, these last few games, even with messi playing, barca looked hopeless. so its not like they play poorly only when he isn't playing.

Nes_Daze3091d ago

I also think they're equally important.. when you have the best player in the world usually the team revolves mostly around him. At least Madrid, although missing Ronaldo, don't have a huge issue with their team, coach, and club, so I think both teams go into Wednesday's match almost even.