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Reports: Messi wants €385k per week

Reports in Spain are suggesting that Lionel Messi is demanding a whopping annual salary of €20 million in his ongoing contract negotiations with Barcelona.

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Stringerbell3140d ago

That figure is incredible...

asmith23063139d ago

That is a lot of money. I don't think any player is worth that.

Yi-Long3139d ago

.... especially not a player who's just been strolling and moping around for the last couple of weeks, who has had a mediocre season, and who looks completely uninterested lately.

Why would he deserve a pay-rise!? He's gone DOWN in quality. Not up.

Nes_Daze3139d ago

Mediocre by his standards, yes, mediocre when it comes to all football players, not at all. Almost as many goals as Ronaldo in a season where he was injured for a long time, not so bad imo.

asmith23063139d ago

He has had a bad season by his standards and has had trouble with injuries yet is only 3 league goals short of Ronaldo's league tally. Says a lot really.

Stringerbell3139d ago

This doesn't even take into account the gazillion endorsement deals he has. Put it this way as one player he probably makes more that some of the lower leagues of Europe. I'm talking all players combined lol

asmith23063139d ago

Aren't most footballers greedy then? Rooney is on 85k less. Messi is 85k better than Rooney any day of the week so this figure doesn't surprise me, as sad as it is.

Scrivlar3139d ago

To spend on what? How is this going to change his life from what he's being paid now? Footballers in general are dickheads when it comes to finances.

Nes_Daze3139d ago

Quite greedy, but then again these are reports, if Messi is pushing for a bigger salary, he picked the worst time to do so, any other year I would agree that he should be the highest paid player, but of course, now this season has been different, things change.