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Highlights: Sunderland 1-1 Man United (EPL - 24/08/2014)

0-1 Mata (17')
1-1 Rodwell (30')

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Stringerbell2614d ago

So do you guys think that was a dive from Young?

asmith23062614d ago

There was contact but Young made the contact with the dive, so fair play to the ref. It's great to see them taking more notice of players diving nowadays.

KingPin2614d ago

hard to classify that one...
there was clear contact(so no dive, he was tripped), but going down so easy and so dramatically made it look like a dive (like he already knew he's going to ground before touching the ball, he was just waiting for some contact). if that makes sense.
it wasnt a penalty (although some refs might have given it), but i don't think he shouldve got a yellow card for it.

neoragex2614d ago


Sahil2614d ago

That was my reaction as well.

Thefreeman0122614d ago

One of United's worst performances to date. Bad defense and midfield yet they still wa t to buy attack... United keeps frustrating me more and more with every move moving towards regression

asmith23062614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

Utd still look pretty lethargic. Maybe Di Maria can help ease that. Fair result, neither team really made many chances but took what chances they had.

Pirates10i2614d ago

I dont get why we are going after Di Maria... if we are playing a 3 back there is no place for the winger.... United should be strengthening their core with ridiculous offers for hummels and vidal

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