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BREAKING: Sir Alex Ferguson Asks Ronaldo to ‘Come Home’

It seems dreams of United fans the world over may just come true as the Portuguese sensation makes his way back to his former home at Old Trafford. The man behind the move is none other than legendary ex-United boss Sir Alex Ferguson, who was both Ronaldo’s mentor and manager for six years.

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KingPin3054d ago

ronaldo will come to united when madrid let him go. possibly at the age of 33-35 depending on his performances.

saadd203053d ago

anything is expected when Fergie is involved!

warrior823053d ago

Ronaldo has been in the news a lot. At first I thought all this talk about Chelsea and Man U return are rumors. After reading that Sir Alex has actually called Ronaldo, I am taking it seriously. For all we know, he may just return but will Di Maria give up his number 7 shirt to Ronaldo. They played together before and it has happened before in football, so well lets see. I dont see this happening before next summer though. Ronaldo wants to compete in the Champions League I am sure and next season if Man U make it back, then he may even consider the return strongly.

saadd203053d ago

he has been hitting hatricks for Real Madrid and playing for the best club in the world right now. Why would he want to leave? It has to be the money or love for Fergie. How will this affect the salaries of other top stars like Rooney and Di Maria?

saadd203049d ago

he will be coming home in November! and so will Leo Messi.