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Match Highlights: La Liga BBVA (Week 22) - Atletico Madrid 4-0 Real Madrid (7/2/15)

Tiago (14')
Niguez (18')
Griezmann (67')
Mandzukic (89')

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Stringerbell2963d ago

What a spanking by Atletico, Real looked like there were playing a man down. Ronaldo, Bale, Kroos completely absent from the game. Griezmann hands down the player of the match.

Nes_Daze2963d ago

Saul played great! Kid has a great future ahead of him. Haven't seen Real Madrid play this bad in a while.

krazykombatant2963d ago

Ancelotti, needs to apply a rotation, the team is exhausted and depleted from injuries.

Spiewie 2963d ago

Flawless performance from Atletico. Real Madrid did not stand a chance.

LightDiego2962d ago

That's because Cristiano Ronaldo was suspended for the derby...oh wait!

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