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Breaking News: Carlo Ancelotti Sacked!

Real Madrid sacks Carlo Ancelotti but who will be his replacement? Park Your Buses relives Ancelotti's accomplishments and discusses possible replacements.

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saadd202808d ago

This article is an op-ed on his sacking so please dont report it. thanks.

The_Devil_Hunter2807d ago

I think its official, isn't it?

saadd202807d ago

yep its official..the article states President Florentina Perez confirming Ancelotti's departure from Real Madrid.

Nes_Daze2807d ago

I think Ancelotti made a few mistakes with the team that cost them, but nowhere near as many as Perez.

saadd202807d ago

yea i think its okay..he got no silverware but coming second isnt so bad..I guess for Real Madrid it is. They could have bounced back. Carlo can get his back surgery done now, as stated in the article, so its kind of a win-win. Wonder if its Rafa as his replacement?

OzzY-waZZy2807d ago

It's not about him coming second, it's about how he mishandled the season. He never rotated and said he didn't need to. You could see how fatigued the team was the last couple of months. His insistence of putting Casillas between the sticks when just about every kick to goal was going in. His tactics with Ramos as a mid. It was just too much.. I was willing to give him another season though.

I agree perez is an ass and should pack his bags along with pastalotti.

The rumors of benitez coming in give me no hope for next season.

KingPin2807d ago

OMG!!! someone needs to get rid of perez.

seriously this guy doesn't know how to run a football club.

he should rather spend his billions on buying a brain.

asmith23062807d ago

Only one La Liga in seven years, and only one Champions League in 13 years. To add to that, they have spent ~750m since 2009. Not a good record to say the least.

Imalwaysright2807d ago

And Real Madrid has a massive debt.

KingPin2807d ago

thats just dismal.

then what does perez do?
gets rid of the coach that won them
Copa del Rey
UEFA Champions League
UEFA Super Cup
FIFA Club World Cup

like the coach is somehow the problem this season. i mean really.

perez is the kind of guy who, when he hears an engine noise, he replaces the brakes.

asmith23062807d ago

@Kingpin, he should buy Messi lol!

The_Devil_Hunter2807d ago

Haha, when he hears an engine noise, he BUYS new car. Haha.

pompombrum2807d ago

Ancelloti should have been kept on another season at least, a few mistakes here and there but Real Madrid didn't lose the league, Barcelona won it.

If they replace him with Benitez, I can't wait to see what an absolute trainwreck next season will be. But hey, as a Utd fan maybe I can look at the bright side and dare to dream of Ronaldo returning to Old Trafford.