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Chile 0-0 Argentina (4-1 on penalties): Hosts win first Copa America


After 120 minutes without a goal in the Copa America and it was the tournament hosts who emerged triumphant through a penalty shootout.

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HxCGamer2590d ago

chile won against a 9 man Uruguay after fingering Cavani's ass, a 10 man Peru after Zambrano only really deserved a yellow, and that kick against messi was easily a red card... after all that they win due to penalties.

Honestly, worst Copa America champions I've seen.

2pacalypsenow2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

Cavani didn't do anything this tournament he was a non factor ,Zambrano already had a yellow so the end result would have been the same ,and we beat the best team in South America talent wise penalties or not we still won and don't act like every copa America has been a clean one , hell every soccer game has some controversy .

And the refs didn't make higuain miss his penalty , Argentina was collapsing all over the field towards then end we beat them because we had better conditioned players

sephiroth4202590d ago

I blame the argentine manager, not to take anything away from Chile they were amazing, but Tevez wouldve ended it.