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Lionel Messi Shows Off His Truly Enormous Collection Of Swapped Shirts

Lionel Messi has got around a bit over the years and, in doing so, has swapped a vast number of shirts with his fellow pros. Indeed, the Barcelona icon posted a photo of his heaving collection on Instagram, also revealing that he's had a room of his house specially fitted to house the entire haul. Just take a look at this little lot...

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Sahil1876d ago

Holy sh*t.. I won't mind living there.. forever.

KingPin1876d ago

he certainly has a collection of some legendary players.

waiting for the day him and CR7 swap shirts. both probably are to proud to ask the other.

Sahil1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Yeah, the collection would be incomplete without a CRonaldo shirt. Same goes for Ronaldo's collection, if he has one ;)