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Manchester United's Wayne Rooney insists he found it hard to play with Cristiano Ronaldo

Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney has claimed that he often found it difficult to play alongside Cristiano Ronaldo during the Portuguese winger's time at Old Trafford.

Ronaldo departed for Real Madrid in the summer for a record-breaking fee having scored 118 goals for United since he joined the club from Sporting Lisbon as a teenager back in 2003.

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donb5031d ago

I am sure Rooney is honest. Must be hard to play with Ronaldo, a player who always sets himself first. Before teamates, before the club. He is playing for himselfs- only!

Maradona5031d ago

good players, but not very clever.

Leio5030d ago

Said the expert behind the screen :/

donb5031d ago (Edited 5031d ago )

Rooney must be one of the most intelegent players ever. Might not be a lawer or a doctor, but intelegence on field, he one of the greatest. And, he bleeds for the club, and plays his teamates better!

Arild5027d ago

On the field these two players are rocket-scientists. Something I think they both can thank Sir Alex for... I think both of these players would have been unruly or primadonnas if they had been raised under another manager. Just see what has happened with Ronaldo after he left - we all knew he had it in him, but under Ferguson he kept it in check. ("it" equals being a spoilt brat primadonna;)) Rooney looked like he was the new Gazza, but after a few years under Ferguson, he is a super teamplayer with good football-ethics. I think Ferguson is one of the best managers in the world in this area...