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Inter Milan beat Bayern 2-0 to win Champions League

Yahoo writes: "Inter Milan beat Bayern Munich 2-0 with a double strike by Argentine Diego Milito to win the Champions League at the Bernabeu Stadium on Saturday. Inter’s win also secured the first season treble by a Serie A club after their Italian league and Cup triumphs".

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moha105024d ago

I like it! Looks forward too the world cup, Milito and Messi at the same team....:-)

Arild5024d ago

Yes, they have an interesting attacking lineup. Argentinas problem, however, is that they have no defensive strength...

donb5024d ago

Mourinho wins evrything but kills football. Most boring CL final I have ever seen. I love the game of football, hate to see Inter destroys the game.

FFXNo15024d ago

Why the drug addict in the avatar, one of the biggest idiots in football. Why not real players that have given uch more to the sports: Pele, cruyff, Zidane, Garrincha, Ronaldo (brazilian), etc.

Destroy the game? then you should look how Argentina qualify for the world cup

donb5024d ago (Edited 5024d ago )

You have som good points there. But, what happens of the field has never been my interest. My point of view is still that I liked the way Inter played better before Mourinho became a coach. I saw the way argentina qualified - Maradona is not the best coach, would like him changed. But, they dont play as boring as inter at the moment.

RedDevils5023d ago

the thing is when Inter play "better'" football doesn't bring them the CL trophy for 50 years, but You have to give the "Special One' credit since he did what he had to do, that is winning trophy for them (THE TREBLE), that is a great achievement don't you think?

donb5023d ago

But I prefere to watch nice attacking football, rather than defending. His performance is great (at least on the paper) But I was bored watching. Watching Inter - Barca, inter wins, so they are the best team. My passion for the game goes further than winning or loosing. Its the way of playing that occupies me.
But of Course, Mourinho knows what his doing. respect.

topdawg1225023d ago

How does Mourinho kill football? He is a tactical genius and played that game perfectly. It's Bayern's fault for not capitalizing on the chances they did have and you gotta give credit to Inter's defense for being outstanding. Especially Cambiasso and Julio Cesar for making fantastic clutch saves.
Muller and Robben had a couple of chances, but couldn't score :(
Imo, it was a great game overall.

sokrates5024d ago

I hope that Mourinho never will lead a team in the CL again. Agree that milito is amazing. Still, this was no fun at all.

donb5024d ago

yes, no fun at all. But, his results are amazing. To Bad killing football gives results. And fame.

skynidas5024d ago

A very decent game, would have prefered Barcelona to be in the finals.

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