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FIFA To Investigate Lionel Messi Laser Incident During Argentina’s Victory Over Nigeria

FIFA have told security officials at Ellis Park stadium to investigate an incident where a supporter shined a laser pen on to the pitch during Argentina’s win over Nigeria yesterday.

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BjornarO5063d ago

If this is right, its not good.

Fans should support, not make trouble.

Thoose peaple are kind of hooligans.
Kick them out for good.

XxMajeSteRxX5062d ago

not really the argentina fans but the opposite team's fan,not cool at all as they are my favorite team for the world cup!!

Leio5063d ago

Very bad behavior find and send them to prison :(

sokrates5063d ago

It might be done without thinking of the consequences. You should know better, but the world is full of stupid people.

donb5063d ago

If you are stupid enough to point a lazer on player in the wc,it should have consequences.

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