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World Cup 2010: Jabulani ball is 'worst ever' - England coach Fabio Capello

The Jabulani ball used at this summer’s World Cup has come under fire once again, with England coach Fabio Capello the latest name to criticise its irregular flight.

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skynidas5049d ago

This ball is getting a lot of bad talk from almost everyone.

20legend5048d ago

I know, it looks like it's bad but everyone uses the same excuse now! It's the same for everyone!

Pacman3215048d ago

Look at every corner, always over hit, and every free-kick is over the bar

Leio5048d ago

Its the roundest, most perfect ball up to date hence higher speed but harder to curve. Perfect for strikers but not so fun for goalkeepers and freekickers ;)

The ball was engineered by the Germans and their team did great so far ... now i can feel the conspiracy kicking ;)

Mac is OK5048d ago

I think the altitude has a lot to do with it. When playing in altitude the ball just doesn't bend, and it goes faster. This ball is supossed to be really fast, and in this condition it gan become hard to control. It also seems to bounce higher. Whenever south american teams go to play Bolivia in La Paz they have some of the same issues.

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