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Portugal 7-0 North Korea: Highlights

1-0 Raul Meireles 29'
2-0 Simao 53'
3-0 Hugo Almeida 56'
4-0 Tiago 60'
5-0 Liedson 81'
6-0 Cristiano Ronaldo 87'
7-0 Tiago 89'

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narmonteto5085d ago

I wonder what it going to hoppen to Koreans when they get back home

deafwing5085d ago

what a beat down that was ... 7 love .. that's just ...


moha105085d ago

2-0 goal buy Simao mayby the best so far in the worrld cup. Brilliant play with a good finish

topdawg1225085d ago

Did you see David Villa's today? or Luis Fabiano's yesterday?

polarbear5085d ago

Completely destroyed North Korea
I had kinda hoped they would have put up a better fight

FootballZilla5085d ago

Fact is portugal hasn't got a squad filled with stars but we are still very powerful, 7-0 win over North Korea without any beautiful goal just shows what type of team we are.

Still Very Happy COME ON!!! Portugal Supporting You All The Way.

RedDevils5084d ago

team filled with stars might be heading home if Switzerland mange to get a win and Chile manage to grab a draw, even a loose of 1 - 0 they will be still heading home. I think Spain are still in trouble

Cemperor5084d ago

I'm really looking forward to the Portugal vs Brazil match this Friday. After this monsterscore against North Korea I think the Portugese have received a serious confidence boost. On the other hand Brazil is still one of the strongest teams during this World Cup. Let's hope for some fireworks!

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