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Best Players of World Cup 2010 Round 2

Now that round 2 of World Cup 2010 is over, it's time to look at the best performing players so far. According to World of Goals these are the current top players on the WG Index:

1. Elano (Brazil)
2. Higuain (Argentina)
3. Marquez (Mexico)
4. Tiago (Portugal)
5. Fabiano (Brazil)

Note: these are the top players of round 1 and 2 combined. To see the full list with players, check out the World of Goals website.

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FootballZilla5107d ago

1 - Tiago
2 - Elano
3 - Higuain

Cemperor5106d ago

Forlan is currently on spot number 24. His teammate Suarez ranks higher and is on the 14th place. I expect a lot from both strikers and think Uruguay will make it to the quarter finals easily.

sokrates5107d ago


780) Evra
781) Henry
782) Anelka

-Mezzo-5107d ago

I agree with the list. Can't wait to see who get the Golden Boot.