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Germany 4-1 England: Highlights WC 2010 - 1/8 Final

1-0 Klose 20'
2-0 Podolski 32'
2-1 Upson 37'
3-1 Muller 67'
4-1 Muller 69'

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MechaGear3493d ago

still, goal is a goal
maybe would have been nerve grinding to the end

Danteh3493d ago

holy shit england got crushed by the germans :(

I'm from Spain but I'm scared haha xD

FootballZilla3493d ago

Quote of the year for England fans... "If that goal wasn't dissalowed it would of been diffrent game."

Germany deserved to win full stop"."

-Mezzo-3493d ago

England got crushed today.

sokrates3493d ago

When the referee didnt see the 2-2 from Lampard, England was all gone. Sorry they didnt win.

Ampomah3493d ago

Allowing the goal wouldn't have won the the match for England. The Germans were simply on fire today.

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