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Highlights Brazil 3-0 Chile (WC 2010 - 1/8 Final)

1-0 Juan 35'
2-0 Luis Fabiano 38'
3-0 Robinho 59

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BjornarO5037d ago

Brasil will go to the final. Fantastic football.

-Mezzo-5037d ago

Agreed, they are playing brilliantly.

nokali5037d ago

Brazil play Basilo beautiful and interesting

SelecaoSupporter5037d ago

What impressed me today wasn't how Brazil scored. It was how when they didn't score and Chile counterattacked, the same guys running up as part of the play were back there to deny. They went full sprint all game. That's VERY scary.

sokrates5037d ago

Brazil has full control. If Chile score, they just put their game to another level. No way Brazil will loose this championship. Easy peasy. Knocking out the rest, and standing up as champions!

Maradona5037d ago

they will have no problems reaching the final. But when Maradona puts on his Jersey the trophy goes home to Buenos Aires,

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The story is too old to be commented.