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Pele takes another swipe at Maradona

BERLIN (AFP) - Brazilian footballing legend Pele's war of words with Argentina coach Diego Maradona continued on Thursday as he said the latter was not a good coach because of the troubled private life he had led.

Pele, who earlier during the World Cup finals said that Maradona had only taken the Argentinian coaching job because he needed the money, said Maradona's previous troubles - which included treatment for a cocaine addiction - could only have a bad effect on the team.

Argentina - who have won all four of their matches at the World Cup finals thusfar - face an impressive German side in Saturday's quarter-final in Cape Town.

"He (Maradona) is not a good coach, because he had a bizarre lifestyle which cannot go down well with his team," three-time World Cup winner Pele told German magazine 11Freunde.

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FootballZilla5043d ago

Loving the battle between Maradona and Pele its like a film.

"Maradona Vs Pele" On cinemas at your local listing.

albaniasoccer5043d ago

Pele... Maradona... Maradona was the better player in my opinion. Pele is WAY overrated.

atokwamena5043d ago

what is happening to our world football, now living legends are also quarelling what kind of message are they trying to send to the youth who see as their role models........something need to be done abt this

polarbear5043d ago

Pele is the better player, all of their disputes stem from this
Maradona is highly jealous of the praise Pele recieves from professionals, while he finds fuel for his own ego from his slightly larger number of fans

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