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Video: Diego Maradona Lines Up The Losers To Be Shot At Again In Argentina Training

It seems like an eternity since, just over three weeks ago - before the World Cup had started, Diego Maradona introduced to the world his training technique to build team bonding in the Argentina squad.

Known as "butts up" in some places, it simply involves the losing team crowding inside the goal and the winners being allowed to take pot shots from the edge of the box.

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The Hunter4049d ago

If he performs to made Argentina World Champion, then it is a shame for the world of coaches! Then can I also manage Argentina.. What a shame, but it is funny anyway!

FootballZilla4049d ago

Agreed haha... Maradona is a crazy motherfucker.

deafwing4048d ago

is that this might actually be working

TheJack4049d ago

Looks like they have fun, and thats the whole idea with soccer.

polarbear4048d ago

Pretty funny training method