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Cristiano Ronaldo Close To Becoming Greatest Player Ever

BR: The best raw talent ever.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the most physically dominant specimen to play football. Maybe ever.

The fastest player in the world at 6'2, with the most powerful shots that he can hit from 20 to 30 to 40 feet. His dribbling and ball-handling at that height is among the best, even if it might be gimmicky. He seemingly has no weaknesses.

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sokrates4946d ago (Edited 4946d ago )

Right know, he is a good footballer- among the best. Greatest ever is out of topic. Beeing a lot in the media, doesnt meen he is that great. He is a play boy. In our time, we have a lot of stars- coming and going: Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Messi, Kaka, Rooney for mentioning some. To become the greatest, he nees to be the best and stable for years, and win titles with club and national team. Last season Messi was the best, no doubt. How come Ronaldo should be the best? Because he is a spoiled Playboy, who figues a lot in the media??

FootballZilla4946d ago

Sokrates do you know Ronaldo to say that is spoiled,arragont blah blah blah.

If he wasnt that good the media will turn to other best players but his the only one that people care abaout and rooney.

sokrates4946d ago (Edited 4946d ago )

And in my opinion he seems like a really spoiled footballer. Talented, of course, but spoiled. And, my real point is: You wont be the greatest footballer just because media loves the stupid things he does and says. Messi is quiet, thats why its not written that much about him. But, Messi is a better footballer and that what matters when you are talking about the greatest footballer ever.

karim4946d ago

Just because he's arrogant ! You're off topic you judge their people by their actions on the pitch Not OFF it

FootballZilla4946d ago

Ronaldo plays for Madrid
Messi Barca.

Barca Got an AMAZING midfield who he can rely on.
Real not really.

Messi can rely on the rest of his team, Ronaldo on the other hand cant thats why last season he did everything on his own with higuain helping.

But i think that Messi currently is the player in world hands down.
But Ronaldo Vs Messi this year might be diffrent with mourinho.

kulka4946d ago

no Messi is the best player Ronaldo always does everythink on his own not a team player while Messi plays the game the way it should be played + he does not dive as much