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Messi has urged Barca to sign Mascherano

The Argentine superstar wants his Ł25million-rated national captain to join the Catalan giants as soon as possible.

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kulka4374d ago

they tried the same with Fabregas players getting involved again

Maradona4373d ago

I can understand Messi. With this signing Messi will be even better than now with Mascherano on the team.

RedDevils4373d ago (Edited 4373d ago )

Barca's Player have no class no respect, especially the incident with Ces, they just pathetic, I would split at their face if I meet them, Like Iniesta, Xavi, great player but no class, these player can never be compare to the like of Zidane

kulka4373d ago

on the pitch they can but they should never get involved in the transfers of the club but if they get Mascherano then less defensive work for the likes of Xavi and Iniesta because Mascherano will do the job with a smile on his face maybe the best defensive midfilder

4373d ago