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Spanish Inquisition: Was Tomas Ujfalusi Criticised Unfairly After His Tackle On Lionel Messi?

It happens at least once every season. An overzealous (some might argue reckless) defender takes a gamble he probably should not take, lunges for the ball, and inevitably catches a superstar's person instead. The star player crumples to the pitch, visibly in pain, and immediately one knows the injury suffered is something more than just a bruise.

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donb4901d ago (Edited 4901d ago )

I dont find that tackle very special. He tries to take the ball. Misses. This happens with Messi many times a match...

crazyturkey4900d ago

that was too much, it was just a late tackle. If something like that happened to another less known player no one would have said much, but tackling Messi too hard is not allowed.