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Inter Coach Rafael Benitez: Roy Hodgson Is Clueless At Liverpool

Inter coach Rafael Benitez says that Liverpool manager Roy Hodgson needs to learn more about the English club before throwing accusations at him.

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GJ234949d ago

Rafa wasnt any better to be honest. He started well but made a lot of bad signings and caused liverpool to lost their "top 4" status

freeduck4949d ago

He did a lot of bad signings, but he also made the best signings.

Alonso, Torres, Arbeloa, Reina, Kyrgiokos, Mascherano.

I wish Rafa stayed. I'm sure he would've stayed had he known that new owners would be arriving. He loves Liverpool. How do I know that? Every week there is a headline about Rafa talking about Liverpool. Usually managers leave and move on, but Rafa is attached. I'm sure he'll be back some day.

GJ234949d ago

I see what you mean. one of the biggest problems he had was when one of them got injured he didnt have anyone of similar quality to replace them.

kulka4949d ago

He did sign badly but Hodgson also did not sign the right players with Poulsen being on example
Liverpool arent scoring goals as they did under Benitez their defending isnt that much better either but give Hodgson more time no point firing him now as it will further unsettle the players

karim4948d ago

Liverpool Need A Tactically Perfect Manager => Guus Hiddink (if turkey fails to qualify for the euros) This Manager (I mean LEGEND) saved Chelsea and regained their status as one of the best and he could have also won the CL but we were robbed

kulka4948d ago

Chelsea always seem to get robbed :P
and they say that Liverpool fans have the best excuses lol

Maradona4948d ago

Benitez is spanish. He is just angry that he lost his job. So therefor he cant handle critics.