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Video : Cristiano Ronaldo’s Disgraceful Dive (AC Milan-Real Madrid)

Cristiano Ronaldo may be in the midst of an incredible scoring run and has undoubtedly justified his inflated transfer fee at Real Madrid since joining in the summer preceding 2009/2010, but the Portuguese forward hasn’t forgotten some old tricks.

Last night the former Manchester United winger produced one of the worst dives in his career and should rightly be vilified for it – there is simply no place in the game for this kind of cheating.

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karim4944d ago

That's why I like Messi more

GJ234944d ago

Oh my god, Thats terrible. I really wish he's cut that aspect out of his game. Thats the only thing really stopping him from being a truly great footballer

karim4944d ago

Yes you don't see Messi doing something stupid like this

kulka4944d ago

What a hell was he thinking he knows that all the cameras of the world were on him Uefa needs to step in and give him a 10 game ban may sound harsh but he deserves it it is not the first time hes done it

karim4944d ago

I would consider a 2 game ban and I am positive he don't care if the world think he's a diver

kulka4943d ago

He makes at least 2 or 3 dives per game what type of message does that give to the upcoming young players if UEFA wont act now football will be full of diving in the next 5 years

ohahCantona4944d ago

he's a good player in good times, but makes much stupid when things go against him. Like this. I don`t like him.

Leio4944d ago

Here are some of his classic dives from his time in MU

7 minutes of pure diving this guy is just unbelievable :/

FootballZilla4943d ago

Why dont you put 7 minutes of him getting fouled and not getting a foul or maybe 1 hour of his goals, people hate to much. I do think he only makes him self look bad by doing this but i also think he dosent care.

Leio4943d ago

Yeah so unfair for him :/

Who care how many goals he score acting the way he is just make him no more than just a dirty brat.

karim4943d ago

I think it should be a 10 hour video to see ALL of his dives

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