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Qatar 2022: Guide to Their Space-Age World Cup Stadiums

After FIFA's announcement that the 2022 World Cup Finals will be head in Qatar, there has been a lot of negative feedback and questions have raised concerning the voting process which took place. Many people feel Qatar is inadequate to host the World Cup and that there are for more negative aspects to their bid than positives.

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FootballZilla4272d ago

They all look AMAZING, looking forward to this one but its only in 22 years lol.

FootballZilla4272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )

By then all the good young players now will be in 38-42 years old lol

FootballZilla4272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )

|||||+++++++ how do you delete your own comments i posted this one, but didnt mean to :/ ++++++++||||

karim4272d ago

Huhhh ? what's with all the +++++||||||||

karim4272d ago

Looking awesome just wondering how they'll look in 12 years

pwneddemocrat4271d ago

Hopefully, we'll get some new incredible talent, football wont stop developing at all cost, not now when it became the most played sport in the world.

great stadiums.

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