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Messi Is Not Good Enough For Stoke City & Barca Would Struggle In England - EPL Journalist Andy Gray

Former Aston Villa and Everton striker Andy Gray questions whether Lionel Messi's could perform as well in the English Premier League.

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MasterGuru4956d ago

Premfaces are the worst thing that ever happened to the world since Chuck Norris.

MasterGuru4956d ago

They would kill to have Messi play in the Premier League.

Anyone who hasn't play in the "best league in the world" is considered "unproven".

Even though the greatest players ever to play football have never played there before including the likes of Zidane, Zico, Platini, Maradona, Pele, Garrincha, Cannavaro, Buffon etc. etc.

karim4956d ago

Cannavaro,really ? It it the best league in the world but it doesn't mean you are improven if you don't play there

RedDevils4956d ago

why are you posting 3 consecutive times? LOL

karim4956d ago

Ah Andy Gray,crap always comes out of his mouth.Last year he predicted :
~Chelsea won't finish in the Top 4 (we were the champs)
~Drogba will have an abysmal season and be sold (he scored 37 goals)
~Before the united game : He predicted a 5-0 win for united (1-2)
~Arsenal are gonna win a trophy (they didn't win anything)
and my favorite : "Tottenham are gonna finish in THE BOTTOM THREE"

Messishow4956d ago

Andy Gray never tell his right opinion. He just say things to make people discuss. In that way his name is always mentioned in different cases.

led10904956d ago

andy gray is like the michael patcher of the gaming world

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