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Messi ends the year on a high writes: Leo Messi has scored at a rate that no other player has matched in the past 20 years, so the Barcelona star has earned his place as 2010’s best performing player in Europe’s top five leagues.

Messi for Ballon d'Or?
Looking at the Castrol Rankings’ objective performance analysis, Messi should be picking up the prestigious award, having topped the table since the beginning of 2010, with no other player challenging his place. However, awards like the FIFA Ballon d'Or are subjective and awarded by a panel who will take their opinions into account, as well as the facts.

Messi is scoring at a level rarely achieved in top level football. His 34-goal tally in La Liga in 2009/10 was the joint-highest goals total for a season in the last 20 years in any of the top five European leagues along with Ronaldo, who scored 34 for Barcelona in 1996/97, Alan Shearer for Blackburn Rovers in 1994/95 and Andy Cole for Newcastle United in 1993/94, all of whom did it in a 42-game season.

The last player to better Messi’s tally was Mexican striker Hugo Sanchez, who netted 38 goals in 36 games for Real Madrid in the 1989/90 campaign.

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MasterGuru4936d ago

54 goals in 2010 and 70 goals in his last 72 appearances and if you cut down the number of appearances he made from the bench, the stat will sound even more impressive. Messi surely is the best player of 2010.

FootballZilla4936d ago

Dude how can you say that he is the best player in 2010 when in SIX games for his COUNTRY he scored none and that was in the most VALUED tournament in the world.

Xavi and Sneijder were the 2 best players in world last year.

MasterGuru4936d ago (Edited 4936d ago )

Come on! He played only 5 games! And he assisted 4 times and assisted an assist 3 more times besides hitting the post 4 times. Watch the highlights reel if you don't believe me.

He also got Man Of The Match twice in 5 games!

Besides, he was playing in center midfield. A blind man could see that! No offense, I'm just trying to make a point here.

MasterGuru4936d ago (Edited 4936d ago )

Vs Nigeria:

Guess who made Enyeama man of the match?

Vs Korea Republic

First goal: Assist for Messi
Second goal: Kinda hard to justify this one. Messi had passed to Rodriguez who crossed it to Heinze's head who layed the ball off to Higuain.
Third goal: Messi took the ball from halfway line and shoot but GK blocked it. Shot it again and hit the post thus leaving it for Higuain to tap in. Assist for Messi.
Fourth goal: Assist of an assist for Messi

Vs Greece

First goal: Assist for Messi who crossed a corner into the box to Demichelis.
Second goal: Assist for Messi. Dribbled through 3 players before shooting. Shot was blocked but was rebounded into the back of the net.

Vs Mexico

First goal: Assist for Messi. Messi should have scored but Tevez headed it in. Controversial as Tevez was in an offside position.
Second goal: Beauty from Tevez.

Vs Germany

Was the only Argentine TRYING to score.

P.s. I couldn't find a video of him hitting all the posts. But I know he did hit it twice against Greece and once against Korea Republic. So that's 3 times right there which I know of but I know for sure that Messi had hit the post 4 times. For SURE.

So the right stats must be

5 assists - 1 assist of an assist - hit the post 4 times. Participated in 8 of Argentina's 10 goals.

FootballZilla4936d ago (Edited 4936d ago )

Omg, lol dude do you think im going to read that :/

FootballZilla4936d ago

@MasterGuru do you think messi was better that xavi or sneijder in all tournaments last year?

God_Of_Epicness4936d ago

He's a Messi fanboy. You should ask that question to someone like me (Neutral... hehehe).

FootballZilla4936d ago

Ive noticed is Messi fanboy and also a Barca hahaha but hes cool

God_Of_Epicness4936d ago

HaHAHahahaha... He's cool but he's bias.

Even a blind man could see that.

karim4936d ago

Outstanding achievement !!
But still Xavi and Sneijder were the better performers (no matter what anyone say)