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Barcelona boss Guardiola fed up with Ballon d’Or rumours

Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola is eager to see the Ballon d'Or rumours over.

Guardiola has admitted concerns with his three players Lionel Messi, Xavi and Andres Iniesta up for the award.

He is keen for the ceremony to come and go after two months of speculation as to which of his players will take the award.

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MasterGuru4242d ago

Guardiola wants to see Messi win it to end all the rumors flying around.

God_Of_Epicness4242d ago

I said it before. I am gonna say it again Xavi deserves the Balon D'Or. NOT Messi who was a World Cup FLOP. Like it or not, that is a FACT.

MasterGuru4242d ago

You didn't watch Argentina anyway. It'll be useless for me to even write something you should probably already know.


As much as you Premfaces hate to hear that, it is a FACT that Messi was Argentina's best player in the World Cup.

It is also a FACT that he was voted to be in the Top 10 players of the World Cup.

You can't change facts. Messi is the best and deep down, you know that too.

God_Of_Epicness4242d ago

We live in a Barcelona-bias world! Which was why Messi was listed as ten of the best players at the World Cup. If Torres and Rooney were Barcelona players, they would probably be in too.

rafay4241d ago

Sorry God_of_Epicness, but Rooney and Torres don't come anywhere near the class Messi or Xavi are at.

And does it even matter which of the two wins it? I don't think they really care which of the two wins it...

karim4242d ago

Xavi to win it....If he doesn't it is a disgrace....Well it is also a disgrace because Sneijder wasn't even shortlisted

MasterGuru4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

He was shortlisted by FIFA but the professional sports journalists, the national team coaches and the national team captains didn't vote for him simply because he didn't deserve to win it.

karim4242d ago

Really ? You're a Barca fanboy so your opinion doesn't matter
Iniesta said he doesn't deserve it SNEIJDER does.
He won the treble
Scored FIVE goals in the world cup.
And you really think that Iniesta deserve it ?

rafay4241d ago

Iniesta did win the World Cup, and scored in the final!

Sneijder doesn't deserve to win, but should get a nomination.

MasterGuru4242d ago

Scored 5? 3 is the correct one. 2 of those goals were deflections which should count as own goals. Get a grip! But FIFA insisted on rewarding Sneijder the goals.

I'm not saying Iniesta deserves it.

The coaches, captains and journalists are.

And I know for a fact that they have more knowledge than you do.

My opinion stands. Messi must win.

Hapoel4241d ago

Out of the 3, Xavi probably deserves it. Sneijder should not have won it. I disagree. I'm not a Barca fan I am just telling you my opinion.

karim4241d ago

If you saw his performance in the final,you would change your opinion,he made one of the BEST THROUGH BALLS EVER if only Robben finished it..And no Xavi must win.

MasterGuru4241d ago

Best through balls ever? You're clearly overrating him. Can he better Xavi?

Nope, he doesn't come close to Xavi or Iniesta.

karim4241d ago


rafay4241d ago

Maybe this is why Pep is fed up with this...