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Highlights: Inter Milan 0-1 Bayern Munich (UEFA Champions League Round of 16, 1st Leg - 23/02/2011)

0-1 Gomez 90'

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zico4870d ago

Maybe we saw the CL champions today? Didn`t see this match but very strong result in Milano.

The Hunter4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

I dont know who disagreed with u, but Bayern is a real favorite for the CL victory.. Do the disagreeder forget that they reached the final last season? Robben can made the difference.. Maybe it was a MUFC fan.. Oh wait I have a present for u:

zico4869d ago

:-) Nice one "Hunter" (the video). I remember, and I`m sure both United fans and Bayern fans do the same.

Agree with you: bayern has a great team, and as long they have their best players injuryfree, they can reach the final.

zootang4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

LOL Bayern can only beat United with 10 men, what does that say. Barca would batter them anyway. I can't wait for us to exact revenge with 11 men.

kulka4870d ago

Strong victory for strong Bayern

crazyturkey4870d ago

Seems like all Serie A teams will be knocked out in this round. All of them need to pull really strong performances to avoid that. It seems that speed hurts them a lot. They don't seem to be able to handle teams that play with speed.

karim4869d ago

At home,Bayen will attack agrresively so I think Bye bye Champions Inter.

KRATOS-PS34869d ago

I still think Inter is gonna make it

zico4869d ago

Then they had to score two goals and Bayern no one at home. Thats never gonna happen. And Bayern is in great shape now. They show it in Bundesliga + great result yesterday.

KRATOS-PS34869d ago

Inter is the better team I think. If Inter scores everything can happen.

zico4869d ago

You never know what happens in football, special Italian teams/players. We`ll see in two weeks.

I hope Inter scores first/early, then it can be a good match.

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