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150° World Player Of The Week: Dirk Kuyt - Liverpool

Many would acknowledge that Dirk Kuyt is not one of the most talented footballers and lacks the genius that some of his Liverpool team-mates have. Yet against Manchester United at Anfield in the Premier League on Sunday afternoon, the Netherlands international forward wrote himself into the history books as he combined intelligence with hard work to inspire the Reds to a 3-1 destruction of the current league leaders.

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zico4136d ago

He scored 3, yes, but still Suárez was better. He was amazing!!!

He will become "player of the month";-)

zootang4135d ago

overall striking distance of all 3 goals combined equals 7 yards.

lukie1224136d ago

@zico suarez played very well but without a goal your nowhere.

zico4136d ago

not agree with you. He deserved the first goal, and were excelent the hole match. United defence had no change stoping him.

ad4mb4135d ago

yeh maybe you should look at who united had to play in that defence... just saying

zico4135d ago

he will do the same think when he meets Uniteds "best" defense;-)