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UEFA Champions League Quarterfinals: Picking the Highest Earning XI from Last 8

The UEFA Champions is the most prestigious club competition in the world and therefore it features the most expensive football players in the world. With the amount of money on the line for clubs in the competition, the biggest clubs are willing to spend a lot of money on the top players in the world, in the hopes that these players can bring them success in the competition.

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nieuwland144158d ago

why do all the midefielders earn more than the defenders and the strikers more than the midfielders?

-Mezzo-4157d ago

Because Strikers & Mid Fielders Attack on the oppositions & thats all Fans want to watch every time they see their team play.

Which is why, there are more popular Strikers & Mid Fielder than Goal Keepers or Defenders.

hendrikmaster4158d ago

This team is mostly real madrid, chelsea and barcelona.

Sahil4157d ago

Ya, because they have counted only the current best teams :)

GJ234154d ago

Wow. 10.4 for rooney. You could have Sneider and casillas for that. Sometimes football makes no sense