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Fabio doesn't want his players burned out and neither do we.

The relationship between club and country is always a complex one, given the crowded fixture list and the amount of travelling players have to do. Clubs appreciate it when they are given help by associations and international managers.
UEFA’s decision to change qualifying games from Wednesday nights to Tuesday works. It allows players more time to return to their clubs and prepare properly for weekend games.

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GJ234156d ago

Many players have been having the effects of burnout already this season

kulka4156d ago

players are really exposed at the international games due to high fatigue i just think stop the best players going to play the friendlies get juniors to play them give rest to the big players

no_more_heroes4155d ago

The problem is, most people that go to watch friendlies go to see the big names play. I say, have less friendlies and stage them in the summer (two, three at most in a 4 week span) so that he can gain a different kind of experience in preparation for the season ahead.