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Johan Cruyff: Barcelona's Lionel Messi is more of a great than Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo

Barcelona legend Johan Cruyff considers Lionel Messi to be better than Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo, due to the Argentine’s superior technique.

With the two great teams of La Liga set to kick-off a four-game battle, the first of which comes tonight at the Bernabeu, the debate concerning the two best players in the world is again beginning to rage.

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The Hunter2746d ago

He is right, the only thing what Messi need to be a absolute best world player of anytime is to win a World Cup.. If he dont win a world cup in his carreer then Maradonna and Pele will be still better and have lead his national to a big prize.. But im sure Messi will win a World Cup soon! I think in 2018 in russia..

2014 is for the Netherlands ^^

Sahil2746d ago

Agreed, he must be blaming his parents.. why didn't they raise him in Spain :)

krazykombatant2746d ago

BAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!! Spain wins ONE world cup and OOOOOHHHH O_O. I'm sure he'll win something with argentina, but they better have a better keeper and defence for the next world cup or it isn't happening.

Sahil2745d ago

You don't watch football, do you?

Spain and Barcelona play the same kind of football, if messi plays well with barcelona, he will certainly play well with spain(it matches his style of play).. Would he win the world cup with england, france, italy(they are worse than argentina)???

krazykombatant2745d ago

The Spanish national team is Barcelone FC. Only difference are a couple of players. Messy plays wells at barca, because they have multiple players which can easily feed him the ball and obviously they've been playing together for a long time. In the Argentine national side it's not as easy. I have a feeling that messy is proud as hell to wear his argentine jersey with TWO stars than the lonely star the spanish just got.

Sahil2745d ago

Did I say he's not proud to be an argentine?

The thing about Raise him in Spain was a joke, don't you get it?

Corepred42746d ago

Big surprise that an ex Barcelona player would give props to a current player. really? messi won't win a cup, then again neither will ronaldo. sad but true.

Sahil2745d ago

You can't even call Christiano Ronaldo a great, he's just a player with good abilities and skill.