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Man City plan world-record bid for Ronaldo

Manchester City are ready to smash the world transfer record to bring Cristiano Ronaldo back to the Premier League.

Roberto Mancini's men joined European football's elite last week by qualifying for the Champions League for the first time.

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KingsCross4056d ago

City has shown that they like to spend money, so it might be true. I hope he goes to City, just to see City fail to win the league after spending another redicolous amount of money.

jony_dols4056d ago

Man City have Champions League qualification & the F.A Cup.

They have probably the best all round squad in the league, and they visually improved with every game played this season.

You would have to be an idiot to rule them out of the title race next season, especially with United & Chelsea looking like spent forces, and Arsenal's creche not really amounting to anything.

Your probably one of those people who said Chelsea would never win anything when Abromovich bought them over....

Mozilla894056d ago

I can't see him leaving Madrid for a long time.

DavidLuiz44056d ago

No Way! They May offer him but hes going to reject it because he wants to win something ( more then something ) At Real Madrid -- Til he wins The champions league & La Liga , maybe something could happen then -

Snakefist304056d ago

After he win everything at Madrid then he is going to join Ac Milan and end his career there.

Vherostar4055d ago

LOL @ AC Milan bit they couldn't afford a player like that even when he is over 30. But as for City this is a none story as they gonna link City to every player under the sun and some think it would be funny to link City to Ronaldo so when eh comes out and says no they can laugh at City even though they had no intention of signing him.

Happens all the time... I'm sure if City wanted him they could but it would cost them around 100 million I read and they have come up and said they won't be throwing money around anymore.

Snakefist304055d ago

Ronaldo will not join city its just a rumour and he dont want to betray Manchester United the club that made him!

Idree4055d ago

They could bid on him, doesn't mean RM or CR7 will accept though xD

RufustheKing4055d ago

the best part is; he has a 1 Billion euro buy-out clause