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Pep Guardiola lauds Lionel Messi as the 'best player ever' following Champions League triumph

The 40-year old also insisted that he intends to see out the remaining year on his contract but admitted that it is a difficult job following speculation over his future

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KingPin4047d ago

while i agree that lionel messi is among the elite in the soccer world, i think in order to be considered the best player ever he would have to win a world cup.

all the "best players ever" have won at least one world cup. pele and maradona come to mind.

krazykombatant4047d ago

I have to agree with KingPin, Messi is by the best player this generation.

However, to be the best ever I think he'll need to win more than one world cup. Pele won 3, Maradona did win the one but he did so in great fashion. Given its different times, however, it's still the same sport.

Not trying to take anything away from messi, great player. But sadly enough its the world cup that matters if he can carry argentina and hell maybe win two world cups in his career. Then he can be considered greater than maradona and pele.

La Copa America is where we can see how he can perform with out the likes of xabi, iniesta around him.