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Sepp Blatter re-elected unopposed as FIFA president

FIFA president Sepp Blatter was re-elected for a fourth term of office on Wednesday amidst days and weeks of controversy within the world’s football governing body.

The Frenchman stood unopposed as his sole opponent - Asian Football Confederation president Mohammad Bin Hammam - and FIFA vice president Jack Warner were suspended by the FIFA ethics committee after allegations by American FIFA executive Chuck Blazer of bribery and corruption.

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The Hunter4655d ago (Edited 4655d ago )

Suprising, he was the only candidate! Corrupt orginization..

Rage_S904654d ago

how can they call it a democratic system is beyond me, he's been in office for 4 terms and is running unopposed. Can you imagine a presidential election being run unopposed no? well that's because it is a democracy, this shit is a dictatorship.

zico4655d ago

Let him lead this corrupt "disaster organization".

crazyturkey4655d ago

I'm starting to believe that the best thing to do is for the biggest European FA's(EPL, Serie A, La Liga and Bundesliga at least)to pull out of FIFA and create another organization. Then I'm sure the smaller leagues would follow including leagues from other continents. The people in charge of FIFA have been there for too long and now they feel untouchable.


I wish that could happen but in a couple of months this is all gona die down. The people at FIFA have never really liked England and this whole saga is just gona make them hate England and the media even more.
The only way I can see Blatter being kicked out is if there is rock hard evidence of corruption on his part.

Fil1014654d ago

u know what buddy i'm starting to here alot of people say the same thing you have and i have to agree fifa is is doing more harm to the sport than good

mastiffchild4654d ago

International football is a joke because of the state this idiot let Fifa fall into. The EPL and England Nationalteam needs to strike out alone and make it clear that anyone else is free to leave the corrupt fools at Fifa and Uefa and join them. We in England don't need Uefa and we don't need ifa. Sod internationals anyway-load of shite.

What honour in winning any of their competitions now?Batca are basically Uefa's pet team(not even like they need the help!)and the anti English feeling is overwhelming and stinks. These people hate the fact we Englsih invented the sport as it now stands and won't forgive us for it-the evidence is there, let fifa burn.

Rage_S904654d ago

Not gona happen at the end of the day the champions league and world cup are still the pinacale of the game, but i agree fifa needs to go.

sokrates4655d ago

This FIFA is something really strange. The world biggest sport is in the hands of a MAFIA-organisation. And they just keep on going??? How is that Possible?

silvacrest4655d ago

no one opposes them so they can do whatever they want

mastiffchild4654d ago

The UK press WILL bring all this down. Trust me. Maybe not this time but soon, very soon.

Sahil4655d ago

He got some 92% votes, who else got the 8%.. i wonder??


The other 8% was from the members who wanted to postpone the election. If 75% of the FIFA members agreed to this, then that would have stopped Blatter being re elected as president until another challenger stepped forward. But it turned out 92% of FIFA members support Blatter, hmm wonder why?

zootang4654d ago

More clueless comments from Sahil. Nothing changes.

Rage_S904654d ago

Election, democracy, one candidate theres an oxymoron for you

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