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Argentina's Lionel Messi: Bolivia surprised us with a 'sh*tty' goal

Argentina's fearsome attack was frustrated by Bolivia as the host nation could only draw 1-1 against Bolivia in the first match of the 2011 Copa America.

Edivaldo Rojas stunned the home side by putting the unfancied Bolivians infront early in the second half, and the Albiceleste had Sergio Aguero to thank for rescuing a point for Sergio Batista's men.

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Sahil4107d ago (Edited 4107d ago )

haha.. it was indeed a shitty one.

badz1494106d ago

How shitty he is for his own country. Back in Argentine's shirt, he's never the world's best player at all!

NnT32914107d ago

Argentina wasnt good to begin with

Corepred44107d ago

Yeah a goal is a goal. They let it in, this dude should shut his mouth. Sounds like he's whining.

krazykombatant4106d ago

They say that Argentina's jersey is too heavy on messi unlike the barcelona's jersey. As it stand right now i highly doubt that messi is gonna win a world cup with this team. But then again stranger things have happened.

Messi just needs to be quite and score goals. UEFA can't protect him here.

Nes_Daze4106d ago

All the teams started slow in this cup so far, give them a break, shitty teams make quite a stand against good teams all the time. Look at how Brazil tied with Venezuela. (although Venezuela is not that bad). However, Messi should keep his mouth closed and talk more on the field.

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