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Ronaldo: If Jose left I'd have joined City

Cristiano Ronaldo has pledged to stay at Real Madrid but revealed that if Jose Mourinho had left the club at the end of last season he would probably have followed his coach out of the exit door, with Manchester City the forward's most likely destination.

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b163o13973d ago (Edited 3973d ago )

C.Ronaldo would have been an excellent addition(bit of a flopper imo), but i like the squad we have now. If we snatch up Nasri, we will have one of the best MIDs in the Premier


zootang3973d ago

Not according to his twitter. Exact quote by Cristiano Ronaldo on this matter via his twitter account, "The Sunday Mirror publishes an interview with me today. All that content is false. I have never spoke with the newspaper, and never made those statements"

guigsy3973d ago

How can newspapers get away with stuff like this? I couldn't believe it when I first read it cause he's got too much respect for United.

krazykombatant3973d ago

Ummmm seems kinda of a huge step back to go from porto, man u, real madrid and then to head back to Man City?!?!?! that would be a joke. Italian and german clubs would go crazy trying to get their hands on him.

Either way he's said that he would like to finish his career with real madrid I would like to see that happen.

DavidLuiz43973d ago

you retard ronaldo never played for porto! he was sporting player , than moved to united in 03 u idiot

Anderson83973d ago

woah.. calm down dude.. but you are correct

sdgfh3972d ago

good news, new fashion items .

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