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Several people injured after roof of Twente stadium collapses

Regional police in the Netherlands have confirmed that several people have been injured in an accident in the Twente stadium. The roof of one of the stands in the Grolsch Veste has collapsed while builders were working on the stadium.

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Yi-Long3531d ago

... and at least 12 injured, with some people still burried under the debris.

Hopefully, the death-toll won't rise, but considering there were workers ON the roof when it collapsed, it wouldn't surprise me.

A sad day.

FootballZilla3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

thats pretty bad then, didnt think it would actually be that bad... :/

Yi-Long3531d ago

... but at least there weren't any people (visitors/fans) or something sitting there when it happened.

Could have been much worse, but it's still bad ofcourse.

RedDevils3531d ago

just heard the news on TV, damn I hope it not as bad as it reported. But thank God it's not during match day or it could be worst

crazyturkey3531d ago

that is sad, but it could have been worst if it had happened during a a match.

The Hunter3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

This is sad, I laughed about it when I heard it for the first time (becease we a rivals), till I heard there was people injured and death wich working for a construction company! Really sad, RIP!! :(