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Modric hits out at Levy

Luka Modric has accused Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy of going back on a gentleman's agreement and insists he is still determined to leave the club this summer.

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mastiffchild4100d ago

Bit of a mess.i'm guessing Levy doesn't want to admit that Chelsea arew the "bigger" club but as far as current success goes they simply ARE and if he did get modric to sign an extension by promising certain things he should, at the very least, talk about them without threats. I don't feel Modric is necessarily the right player for Chelsea,despite my being a huge fan of him and his abilities, but will cave to boas' and the club's desire on this one despite thinking the move across town might be hard for a guy who seems a genuine and honourable individual. If Torres was puzzled by the hate he got it's nothing to what modric would be getting and he should look at Levy's attitude as a sign of how he will be viewed if he were to make the switch.

Levy, on the other hand, looks a proper nob in all this and should be acting with the same decorum as Harry has done-threatening your best player is NOT the way to make your club an attractive place for top players and he needs to learn this-I DESPISE spurs but still accept their history and place in London football and it's sad to see a little man ruining the rep of a great club-my own feelings notwithstanding. If he doesn't think the likes of VDV will be looking at this with worry in their heads he's clearly mental.