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Lionel Messi is a cretin & disgraced himself at the Copa America - Napoli president

De Laurentiis suggests the forward should boycott his national side when it comes to South American tournaments and says it was stupid of the European champion to go.

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KingsCross4148d ago

He has some problems in Argentina. The people are expecting to much of him, and when even his teamates turns him their back, then I find it hard to understand that he wants to play for Argentina. Remember, He has been living in Spain since the age of 12.

kulka4148d ago

He is the best player in the world but Argentina are full of players with strong ego's they don't play as a team

Sahil4148d ago

Did he see the matches, does he know who assisted the goals, I guess not. He shud worry about Napoli.


Wow that's a little harsh.

FlashXIII4148d ago

Easy for a suit to say.. he deals in money wtf does he know about the pride and passion that comes with representing ones country in the greatest sport in the world?

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The story is too old to be commented.