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Highlights: Barcelona 3-2 Real Madrid (5-4) Spanish Super Cup 2nd Leg - 17.08.2011

1-0 A. Iniesta 15'
1-1 C. Ronaldo 20'
2-1 L. Messi 45'
2-2 K. Benzema 82'
3-2 L. Messi 88'

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Sahil4626d ago

Probably the best clasico of 2011 except for a few moments in the end, great game of football :)


i dont know about u but the fight made it more spicey ;-)

badz1494626d ago

aren't people getting bored of this already! all year long, only 2 out of 20 teams in Spain compete for EVERYTHING! the sad truth is the only matches worth watching from Spain all year are Real vs Barca and THAT'S IT!

CYBERSNAKE4626d ago (Edited 4626d ago )

And it's always the same little Argentinian that comes out on top.


"only 2 out of 20 teams in Spain compete for EVERYTHING! the sad truth is the only matches worth watching from Spain all year are Real vs Barca and THAT'S IT!"

The blame for this is money - top teams like Barca and Madrid have the money to buy all the top players from all over the world.

If A and B team have all the top players how do you expect the other teams to be competitive?

KingsCross4626d ago

This was a really good game. And it looks promising for Real even the loss. I think this year we will win. Messi cant deliver all season long, and the Real squad is more likely better.

oli4626d ago (Edited 4626d ago )

i also like Real, but lets not lie to ourselves, barça is still better. Real's squad has potential to be better, but with the stupidities pepe, marcelo, ramos, carahlo and khedira make, we wont get there. oh, and get rid of mourinho too, he doesnt know who to play

TruthBTold4626d ago

I agree, madrid DO have what it takes to be the best but mourinho is not the type of coach madrid needs. He seems to hit a point when he doesn't know what else to do he starts acting childish and unprofessional. Just look at the video clips. And the worst part is its rubbing on the players. Marcelo and Pepe are world class players but seems to have been acting this way since mourhino came into their lives. Once he's loosing he doesn't go back and try to figure out a way to improve his odds and win. Instead he results to childish actions. They need a coach that can suceed when they face tough opponents, not one who is good when their team is superior and wins againts easier opponents. Bring back a coach like vicente del bosque, some one with more class who is respectable and represents madrid not himself.

sdtarm4625d ago

why are you getting disagrees above?

its like everybody is supporting Real Madrid now. Well I cant say that I dont feel bad for them, after all they prepared so much for this game only to lose it against a still better Barca Team

oli4625d ago

foreal, loving your team is one thing, but denying the better skills of another is lack of football knowledge. lets face it, right now barcelona is better, maybe real's redemption will come with that one 7 year old

sokrates4626d ago

Messi is the key. But Barcelona will win without him as well. Maybe not tonight, but all over.

This is no time for discussing the league, cause this was the best match I have seen in a really long time. And the season in Spain didnt even start yet!

jak3y13oy4626d ago (Edited 4626d ago )

Thrilling game! One of the best i have seen so far! The end spoiled the night.. But what do you expect from these two teams? A nice friendly game with no fighting? I think not...

Pinto got sent off without even playing for the second tome! Gotta be a record :)

FootballZilla4626d ago

I hate pinto he did that last time..

But yeah good game, real look better than last season sooo should be a good season.

Alsooo when marcelo came on i said i bet hes going to get sent off loool

Sahil4626d ago

that was totally unnecessary from marcelo.. the tackle on fabregas.

Corepred44626d ago

I disagree. That was his welcome back, lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.